Category: Commands

Inserts dns records – Vesta Control Panel Command   v-insert-dns-records inserts dns records options: USER DOMAIN DATA_FILE [RESTART]   The function copy dns record to the domain conf  

List vesta ssl certificate – Vesta Control Panel Command   v-list-sys-vesta-ssl list vesta ssl certificate options: [FORMAT]   The function of obtaining vesta ssl files.  

Delete http auth user – Vesta Control Panel Command   v-delete-web-domain-httpauth delete http auth user options: USER DOMAIN AUTH_USER [RESTART]   The call is used for deleting http auth user  

Delete mail domains – Vesta Control Panel Command   v-delete-mail-domains delete mail domains options: USER   The function for deleting all users mail domains.  

Sing letsencrypt csr – Vesta Control Panel Command   v-sign-letsencrypt-csr sing letsencrypt csr options: USER DOMAIN CSR_DIR [FORMAT]   The function signs certificate request using LetsEncript API  

Update web templates – Vesta Control Panel Command   v-update-web-templates update web templates options: [RESTART]   The function for obtaining updated pack of web templates.  

List dns domain records – Vesta Control Panel Command   v-list-dns-records list dns domain records options: USER DOMAIN [FORMAT]   The function for getting all DNS domain records.

Delete user package – Vesta Control Panel Command   v-delete-user-package delete user package options: PACKAGE   The function for deleting user package. It does not allow to delete package if it is in use.  

Backup system user with all its objects – VestaCP Command   v-backup-user backup system user with all its objects options: USER NOTIFY   The call is used for backing up user with all its domains and databases.