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symfony install website skeleton     create new project symfony Source: create symfony project     Source: create symfony project symfony new project Source:

Here is Text to image PHP Code. You can make text as an image. Simply do following   Put any where in php and change text of line 2.     <?php $text = “YOUR texttttttttttttttt”; $my_img = imagecreate( 500, Read more…

Just Follow.   Line-2 Define “I Love You” Change or Add PHP Text Code in Line-2 Line-2 Define “I Love you” Here will Show first word “Love”       <?php $s = “I Love You”; $arr = explode(‘ ‘, Read more…

Just follow   Line-2 Define link: Line-3 Define All texts Line-4 Define “google page” from line-3 Only “google page” will show as a html link. Line-5 Define “Hi” from line-3 Only “Hi” will show as a html link   Read more…

Here is an example       <?php $text = file_get_contents(“”); $text=preg_match(‘~<title[^>]*>(.*?)</title>~si’, $text, $body); $wwe= $body[1]; echo $wwe; ?>    

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