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[Solved] - Hello question abut HTML/CSS/Javascipt coding - Wordpress Solution
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Hello, I am making a page that I am limited to Javascipt, CSS, and HTML, is their anyway to make a dynamic object in which I can call different Youtube videos on the embed to change if you click on a link? So for example: [Youtube Embed Object] ->Links to different videos When links are clicked the embed changes to that video. The limitations are as follows: I cannot: Calls remote scripts and pages automatically, such as JavaScript "includes" or "iframes." Changes registry entries or otherwise writes to another person's computer hard drive. Creates automatic pop-ups except for links that open in a new window when clicked on. Is used to drop or read a cookie on any eBay page. Loads any binary program on another person's computer automatically, except for Flash content. Overwrites any area in the listing outside of the item description area. Manipulates areas outside the listing description, including changing fonts, colors, and backgrounds in areas such as eBay headers and footers. Posts to scripts on eBay automatically. Redirects the user from eBay to another web page, such as using the "replace" script. Thank you,

Solution - 1

Hi Liv, It sounds like the easiest solution for you would be to create a playlist on youtube, and then you can embed the whole playlist into your page. Then people can switch between the videos using the thumbnails inside the youtube player. Here is a site that describes how to do it: http://www.labnol.org/internet/embed-youtube-playlists/17687/

Solution - 2

Hi Liv, Can you use jQuery plugin on your page? There is [[LINK href="http://www.tikku.com/jquery-youtube-tubeplayer-plugin"]]jQuery tubeplayer plugin [[/LINK]] that has method to not only dynamically play YouTube url video, but other thing such as pause, stop etc for changing the video on player this is the method

jQuery('#player').tubeplayer('play', 'YtiFjPVZKHI');
where YtiFjPVZKHI' is the video id on youTube url; you can visit the plugin homepage and see the demo. hope this help

Date: 2022-10-21 05:04:38
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