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[Solved] - Members Access Plugin - Not working for me - Wordpress Solution
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Hello, I'm using 'members accesss' plugin on a wordpress install which was originally 3.2.1 - but I have downgraded to 3.1.2 as I cannot get the plugin to work. I literally have no other plugins installed - just 'members accesss' Download here [[LINK href="http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/member-access/"]]http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/member-access/[[/LINK]] These are my settings for the members access plugin - [[LINK href="http://motocomdigital.co.uk/development/wpquestions/membersaccess-settings.png"]]see screenshot[[/LINK]]. This is the members access dialog in the post/page editor - and [[LINK href="http://motocomdigital.co.uk/development/wpquestions/membersaccess-page-editor-selected.png"]]this screenshot[[/LINK]] is before I've updated the page, and I've selected the middle option 'Ignore the default settings and make this page visible only to members' But when I hit the 'update page' button, my middle selection 'Ignore the default settings and make this page visible only to members' is unselected again... [[LINK href="http://motocomdigital.co.uk/development/wpquestions/membersaccess-page-editor-updated.png"]]see screenshot[[/LINK]]. I have even gone to the front end of the site and checked the page (logged out of course) and it still does not block me out. This plugin definitely works on other wordpress installs. So I would appreciate it if anyone could [[LINK href="http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/member-access/"]]download the plugin[[/LINK]] and test it your wordpress install and check if you get the same error as me. Thanks I've also posted the same question [[LINK href="http://wpquestions.com/question/show/id/3324"]]here[[/LINK]], but worded it badly. So if this question is answered, please also post on the other question and I can vote for you on both. Totaling the pay amount to $27

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Hi Josh, i checked with the plugin in wp3.2.1 and its working just fine i.e block access to non-members for members only pages. I think there is something error with your database or some lack of modules in your server. However, i didn't checked how the plugin is working. Please try with a new install by cleaning your database and let me know the status.

Solution - 2

I checked the plugin on few my WP instalations. All works fine. I bet smth goes wrong on instalation new fields in posts table. Please check that field in posts table -> "member_access_visibility". If You still have problems to solve this ill be happy to help You. Just send me some login details to Your website on PM

Date: 2022-10-21 05:09:55
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