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[Solved] - Intsllation BreadCrumb NavXT - Wordpress Solution
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Who can install me the plugin BreadCrumb NavXT (or a better plugin for breadcrumb) correct? http://design-studio-basel.ch/wenger-partner/ I'm using Platform Pro with a chiledtheme, I can't fine any header.php, anyway I don't like to edit the php-files myself, because I have no knowlege of php. It would be great if someone can do it him/herself in the WP-backend.

Solution - 1

Hi, I can help you. Please contact me at [email protected] Hai

Solution - 2

Hi, Please give me wp-admin access. I can do it. or email me at [email protected] Thanks Hemant

Solution - 3

Hey Simone, I'm here ready to install breadcrumb... please send me the admin access at [email protected]

Date: 2022-10-21 05:11:46
Category: Wordpress
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