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Hello, I have figured out how to remove hyperlinks from the_category, but I have no clue how to remove hyperlinks from the_terms. Here is code that I am using:
<?php the_terms( $post->ID, 'editors', '<p> ', ', ', '</p>' ); ?>
'Editors' is a custom taxonomy that I have created. By using this code, it automatically adds a hyperlink. I don't want to have this taxonomy hyperlinked when it is displayed, but I don't know how to do that with a custom taxonomy. If you know how to remove the hyperlink while still using the_terms, great. If not, I just need to be sure that I can tell WordPress how they need to be separated (they have commas now). Thanks in advance for your help! Thomas

Solution - 1

add_filter('the_terms', 'the_terms_function_filter',10,5); function the_terms_function_filter($term_list, $taxonomy, $before, $sep, $after){ return strip_tags($them_list,'

'); }

Solution - 2

this will allow you to do it on a case-by-case basis, instead of doing it every time.

$terms = get_terms("my_taxonomy");
 $count = count($terms);
 if($count > 0){
     echo "<ul>";
     foreach ($terms as $term) {
       echo "<li>".$term->name."</li>";
     echo "</ul>";

Date: 2022-10-21 05:16:23
Category: Wordpress
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