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I need to know how to remove the sidebar on the this website: [[LINK href="http://votepbsc.com"]][[/LINK]] I want to remove: Best Solutions Sit amet, consec tetuer adipiscing elit. Praesent vestibulum moles tieAenean nonummy mauris consec tetuer adipiscing elit. READ MORE Categories Uncategorized And have the homepage image spread across the whole site

Solution - 1

Try to find in your template in the index.php or home.php file the line -

and remove it, to remove the sidebar.

Solution - 2


<?php the_sidebar(); ?>
From your page templates. These are files like: page.php, single.php, index.php, archive.php, etc. You will also probably have to adjust your CSS code once you do that.

Solution - 3

Find this - ".column-center .title h2" in style.css and add this to the block text-align:center; This will help to bring the text center.

Date: 2022-10-21 05:20:24
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