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I've got a NextGen Gallery (with Smooth Gallery) that I need to keep out of the edit box. So I want to install the shortcode on a page template. The code that's meant to do that is:
 <?php echo do_shortcode("[smooth=id:1; width:650; height:400; timed:true; arrows:false; carousel:false; links:false; info:true; frames:false; delay:8000; transition:fade;]"); ?>
But it's not working. It returns what's inside the quotes, brackets and all, but does not show me the gallery. Any ideas? UPDATE: appears to be a bug in Smooth Gallery plugin. But if anyone knows a fix/workaround, I'd love to know it. Thanks!

Solution - 1

That is not a shortcode, I know it looks like one but it's really not. You can use this instead:

<?php apply_filters( 'the_content', '[smooth=id:1; width:650; height:400; timed:true; arrows:false; carousel:false; links:false; info:true; frames:false; delay:8000; transition:fade;]'); ?>
Good luck

Solution - 2

What's inside the function all is returned by do_shortcode function if there are no shortcodes defined in WordPress. Adn this can happen if you are making a call before the plugins executed their actions (usually before init()), or plugin didn't registered shortcode in the first place. Without debugging I can't tell you exactly what is the cause.

Solution - 3

your problem is not so clear to me but i can give you some example of using do_shortcode here is some code- its a sample use of shortcode

$product_id = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'product_id, true); 
echo do_shortcode("[product id='$product_id']");
If you want a specific gallery to display a configuration other than your default one, you can use: [smooth=id:xx; width:xx; height:xx; timed:xx; delay:xx; transition:xx; arrows:xx; info:xx; carousel:xx; text:xx; open:xx; links:xx; margin:; align:;] here,
id: The id you were already using on [ gallery=id ] width: Width of your image container height: Height of your image container timed: true/false to slideshow your images delay: Time in miliseconds before moving to the next image transition: Animation when moving to the next image: fade, fadeslideleft, continuoushorizontal, continuousvertical, crossfade, fadebg arrows: true/false to see the arrows for next/previous images info: true/false to show the image description carousel: true/false to see all thumbnails text: Text relative to the Carousel open: true/false to show the carousel opened/closed links: true/false to click on the image and open the original image alone margin: Distance from the gallery border to the text align: Gallery alignment: left, right, center, float_left, float_right
In your case, you can use any option above and in any order:
[smooth=id:xx; arrows:true; carousel:true; links:true; width:500; height:300;]
There might be some compatibility issue.. For compatibility with old versions, you can also use:
[smooth=galleryId, width, height, timed, arrows, carousel, links]
[smooth=12345, 400, 400, false, true, true, true]

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